Legal and technology consulting for law firms and in-house counsel


Sagamore Consulting’s solutions deliver greater value at lower costs built upon experience in IT, law firms, and service providers

Information Technology

Hand-in-hand collaboration with IT at law firms & corporations
Proven results under pressure for varied clients

Law Firms

Understanding of the day-to-day demands of law firms with the ability to work collaboratively with senior partners and professional staff

Legal Departments

Relied upon by corporate counsel to add value, maximize success, and ensure efficiency
Engendering trust, confidence and reliance

Discovery Strategy

Bringing advanced discovery into a law firm is more than just licensing software and building infrastructure. An overall strategy and processes are essential for every law firm to deliver discovery services. Sagamore Consulting builds value propositions, consensus, and the strategies to communicate them internally and with clients.

Document Review Strategy

Sagamore Consulting’s strategic guidance enables legal teams to focus on both pieces of the discovery puzzle – categorization for responsiveness and identification of key documents for fact-finding. Too often discovery is thought to be only a categorization exercise – segmenting documents into responsive, non responsive, and privileged piles. While those piles are important, a singular view of discovery fails to give the identification of exhibit documents the level of importance needed. Sagamore Consulting implements strategies to maximize value and efficiency.

Law Firm Management

The ways in which corporations work with their outside counsel have changed. Legal departments demand a greater focus on value and efficiency than ever before. Sagamore Consulting helps law firms understand and drive the strategic shifts to adapt to the changing value proposition and expectations of their clients – from building review centers to the structuring of strategic partnerships.

Legal Departments

For legal departments, spend on outside counsel needs to be measured and managed effectively. Discovery in particular has the worst cost-to-value ratio. Through the implementation of MSA’s with service providers and oversight of outside counsel, Sagamore Consulting works with legal departments to improve the cost-to-value ratio. Sagamore Consulting also leads effort to drive alternative fee engagements and improved matter management through oversight and the analysis of the comparative costs of outside counsel